Two Worlds Chinese Massage Therapy 

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Monday - Sunday

9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Call or text Annie at (619) 707-6220
402 W. Broadway, Suite 400
Westin Hotel Office Side

4th Floor Room 86
San Diego, CA 92101 

After hours (5 pm and weekends) Must Meet in the  Hotel Office First Floor Lobby



   Office Side 4th Floor Lobby

Massage can help cut down on migraines.

Massage can help reduce pain from exercise.

Massage can make you look younger.

Massage can help beat PMS.

Massage benefits chronic pain relief.

Massage can help treat side effects of cancer.

We are so excited to announce that we reopened our doors! Also,  welcome to try our new therapy---Infrared Lamp Therapy. All employees will be equipped with masks as well as temperature screenings. 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizing, wet tissues and disinfectant spray are ready.

Indulge yourself with one of our special Chinese Tui Na, Yoga Thai, Sport Massage, Acupressure, Deep Tissue Massage, Ashiatsu Massage and Herb Facial.  We also specialize in massages for pregnant women.  Experience a specialized combination of treatments that will perfectly transform your body and spirit. Our first-class service includes a variety of massages and other treatments to loosen stiff and sore muscles and make you feel wonderful. Our staff is highly trained and your privacy is assured.

(619) 707 6220



我们位于圣地亚哥市中心,地理位置极佳,附近有中途岛号战舰,Seaport Village以及大型购物商场,我们周一到周日每日都营业,是您休闲放松的不二选择。



Benefits of Infrared Therapy

Cardiovascular Health
One of the key health benefits of infrared therapy is improvement in cardiovascular health. Infrared light increases the production of nitric oxide, a vital signaling molecule that is important for the health of blood vessels. This molecule helps relax the arteries and prevents blood from clotting and clumping in the vessels. Aside from these, it also combats free radicals to prevent oxidative stress and regulate blood pressure.

Nitric oxide is essential in improving blood circulation, which provides more oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues. Thus, infrared light hastens wound healing and stimulates the regeneration of injured tissues, reducing inflammation and pain.

Pain and Inflammation

Infrared therapy is an effective and safe remedy for pain and inflammation. It can penetrate deep through the layers of the skin, to the muscles and bones. Since infrared therapy enhances and improves circulation in the skin and other parts of the body, it can bring oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues, promoting healing. It helps ease pain, relieve inflammation, and protect against oxidative stress.

Muscular Injuries

Infrared therapy improves the action of the mitochondria within cells, thus triggering the growth and repair of new muscles cells and tissues. In other words, infrared light can hasten the repair process after a muscle injury.